Minamata, the Victims and their World

Video cassette.

Produced by Tsuchimoto Noriaki.
B/W documentary. 1971.

9,450 yen

This documentary film focuses on the twenty-nine families who sued Chisso in the Kumamoto District Court, looking also at the search for uncertified patients, who remained unnoticed in small villages. When this film was made there were only 121 certified patients of Minamata disease. Kawamoto Teruo, who would later experience discrimination as a newly certified patient, visited hamlets throughout the region to identify sufferers. Eventually there would be 15,000 new applications for certification; the film documents the beginning of this movement. The object of this film is not merely to accuse the perpetrators of Minamata disease, but to present the victims as an inseparable part of the natural world in which they live.

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